The Top 8 Best Bass Fishing Rods – 2019 Bass Spinning Rods Reviews

Bass Fishing Rods

There is no denying that fishing for bass is one of the most popular pastimes among anglers.

The wide geographical distribution and the struggle involved in reeling in bass are just a few of the reasons why people prefer bass fishing.

However, it can be difficult to be all that successful if you don’t have the best bass fishing rod in hand.

For accurate casting and excellent sensitivity, you need to make sure that you have the right rod for you.

In this post, I outline what you need to know about these rods and I have also offered up some suggestions as well.

Best Bass Rods 2019

For brevity purpose, here are the top 8 bass fishing rods we reviewed;

  1. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod
  2. St.Croix Mojo Bass 7.1ft Mhf 1pc Casting Rod... – Budget Friendly Option
  3. Entsport Camo Legend Casting Rod
  4. Fitzgerald Vursa Spinning Rod – Lightweight Option
  5. JOHNCOO Baitcasting Fishing Rod
  6. Pflueger P6635M2CBO Trion Fishing Rod – Best For Beginners
  7. Lew’s Fishing Custom Lite Speed Stick
  8. Isafish Spinning Rod

What is the Purpose of a Good Bass Fishing Rod?

bass fishing rod
So, how does acquiring the right bass fishing rod make you a better angler?

The best rod is going to work well with the specific lure that you have chosen to fish with.

This will allow you to get the lure out as far as you need it to go, without alerting the fish to your presence.

A good bass rod also works to alert you to a nibble on the end of your line. This energy will be transmitted through the line to your hands, signaling you to prepare yourself.

It will also help you to tire out the bass without hurting your hands or breaking the line in the process.

What all of this adds up to is a greater likelihood of you catching the bass in one piece.

Fishing Rod Terms to Remember

Before you actually start perusing through rods, there are some terms and definitions that you need to understand. This will make it easier for you to narrow down what you are looking for in a particular rod.

Rod Action

When anglers refer to the action of a rod, they are talking about stiff or flexible it is. There are four types that you can choose from:

  • Extra-fast Action : there is very little bend to this type of fishing rod and you will usually only find it flexing at the tip. They are also quite sensitive to any kind of vibrations, including bites. These rods perform well when fishing heavy cover and your goal is to lure the bass away. The rods offer good control over bigger fish.
  • Fast Action: these rods have greater flexibility than extra-fast rods and tend to bend towards the middle of the rod. They provide both power and flex and tend to be popular among freshwater anglers.
  • Moderate Action : you can expect these rods to bend all the way to the middle which is why they work best with light fishing line. They generally are also easier to cast lures with than the previous categories.
  • Slow Action: these rods have the greatest flexibility as they are able to bend through the entire length of the rod. They work best when fishing for small bass and when you want to use smaller lures.

Rod Power

Then, there is the matter of the rod’s power. This can be defined as the power required to bend or load the rod.

They fall into five separate categories – heavy, medium-heavy, medium, light, and ultra-light. The power of a rod is also sometimes referred to as backbone.

The table below is a guide for what kind of test fishing line and lure weights you can use with specific rod powers.

Rod Power Test Fishing Line (Pounds) Lure (Ounces)
Heavy 15 – 25 0.5 – 1.5
Medium-Heavy 8 – 14 0.5 – 1.5
Medium 4 – 12 Medium sized lures
Light 4 – 8 Small sized lures
Ultra-light 1 – 4 Tiny lures

With bass fishing, you will be able to work with a medium to heavy power, with the lower power being ideal for smallmouth bass. As you can imagine, the heavier bass is going to require greater backbone.

How to Choose the Right Bass Fishing Rod for You

Now, let’s move onto how you can choose the best bass fishing rod for you. Here are some of the factors that you need to take into consideration:

Casting Rod vs. Spinning Rod

One of the first decisions that you will need to make is whether to go with a casting rod or spinning rod for bass fishing.

Most anglers will point you in the direction of a casting rod and to be fair, I would as well – This is because I do most of my bass fishing with a casting rod.

What I like most about casting rods is that they are able to handle heavier lines and lures. In turn, they are also better equipped to handle larger and more aggressive bass.

This doesn’t mean that spinning rods don’t have their place, however.

While you may not use them as much, they do help you to get to those fishing spots that are a little harder to reach.

When you take into account that they also offer up better accuracy, you can see that spinning rods definitely have their use.

If you do end up choosing a spinning rod, you should keep in mind that you will need to use a lighter line and lure and aim for smaller bass.

Bass Fishing Rod Materials

The next thing to take into consideration is the materials that the rods are made from. You typically have three options to choose from – fiberglass, graphite, and composite.

Fiberglass rods tend to be the cheapest type and there is a reason for this – they don’t have a lot of sensitivity or power behind them. They also have a tendency to flex from the tip to the butt of the rod when you are attempting to lift fish up. They aren’t all that popular with bass anglers.

On the opposing side, you have graphite rods that are often quite pricey. What they do offer for a higher price, though, is a lightweight composition. This, in turn, makes it easier to sense nibbles at the end of your rod. Most anglers turn to these rods when fishing in bad weather.

Then, there are composite rods – they consist of a combination of fiberglass and graphite fibers. Here you get to experience the sensitivity and low weight of a graphite rod without having to compromise the durability of a fiberglass rod. Composite rods are often used by anglers who are interested in cranking.

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Choosing Rod Length

bass fishing rod length

The shorter bass fishing rods are usually between 6 and 7 feet long. The longer rods are about 7 to 9 feet long.

There are three things to consider when deciding on your rod length. These are casting distance, type of bait, and where you are casting from.

The length of the rod is directly linked to the casting distance. This means that if you plan on casting for a short or medium distance, you will require a short rod.

Long rods work better for long distances. Typically, if you will casting at a distance greater than 30 feet, you should opt for a long rod.

Now, if you are working with small to medium lures and are hoping to catch bass within a similar size range, a short one will be ideal. Since you are going to require heavier lures and line for bigger bass, you will need a long rod.

If you are casting off from a dock or a higher vantage point, then a small rod is preferable. If you don’t have this height advantage, though, you are going to need a longer rod.

If you want more information on how lures affect your choice in bass fishing rods, check out this video here:

Fishing Rod Guides

The last thing to keep in mind is the importance of the rod guides.

A good quality guide will ensure that you are able to cast longer and can also help to cut down on line friction. It is best to look for either ceramic or titanium guides as they offer the best performance.

The guides should be placed properly, with each feature properly rounded.

The Best Bass Fishing Rods Review

Here are my top picks for the best bass fishing rod:

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods, Cast Twin-tip...
640 Reviews
KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods, Cast Twin-tip...
  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL - KastKing uses the best...
  • TWO FISHING RODS for the price of one! KastKing...
  • SMOOTH POWER - KastKing PTS (Power Transition...
  • STEP UP - Throw away your old technology ugly...

One thing that you can’t deny about this fishing rod is that it looks good. While this isn’t necessarily an important quality, it is certainly nice to be able to fish with such a sleek and beautiful looking rod.

This is only compounded by the fact that this is an excellent rod for bass fishing. First of all, you get two tips for the price of one. You can either choose from a medium light with a medium tip or a medium with a medium heavy tip. This means that you can decide to go after medium-sized or large bass without needing to carry two different rods!

The Perigree II is quite lightweight and is sensitive enough to notice even the tiniest bites on your bait. The vibrations quickly and efficiently travel through the rod so that there is no delay in receiving your information. At the same time, this is quite a durable fishing rod and the manufacturer lives by its strength. They have excellent warranties in place, leaving you confident that you can use this rod for quite some time without incurring any additional cost to you.

My only gripe is that it isn’t too great at distance casting.

What I like
  • Attractive finish
  • Two different kinds of tips
  • Good sensitivity
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
What we don't like
  • Not great at long casting

St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod

St.Croix Mojo Bass 7.1ft Mhf 1pc Casting Rod...
53 Reviews
St.Croix Mojo Bass 7.1ft Mhf 1pc Casting Rod...
  • Integrated Poly Curve (IPC) tooling technology
  • Premium, high-modulus SCIII graphite
  • Kigan Master Hand 3D guides with slim, strong...
  • Fuji ECS reel seat with black hood
  • Technique-specific bass series designed for...

What I like most about this fishing rod is that it has the features that you need the most when it comes to bass fishing – action, power, and sensitivity.

While this may not be considered a premium rod, there is no denying that it is definitely one of the most sensitive options out there, even if you were to compare it more expensive rods. This is why you will find yourself reeling in quite so many bass the next time that you go fishing.

Something to keep in mind is that even with a medium-heavy rod such as this one, you can expect it to behave much like a heavy rod. This allows you to use heavier lures and line and go after bigger bass as well.

I also like that this fishing rod is an absolute breeze to cast and to reel back as well. Even if you are fighting against a particularly stubborn bass, you will be able to pull them in quickly and without too much effort. The split grip handle is comfortable as it is useful in both wet and dry conditions.

The only thing that I am not too thrilled about this rod is the casting distance which could be improved.

What I like
  • Great sensitivity
  • Good casting feature
  • Impressive power
  • Split grip handle
What we don't like
  • Short casting distance

Entsport Camo Legend Casting Rod

Entsport E Series - Camo Legend 2-Piece 7-Feet...
427 Reviews
Entsport E Series - Camo Legend 2-Piece 7-Feet...
  • Unique and Professional Design - It comes with 2...
  • 24 Ton Carbon Fiber - Light weight with tremendous...
  • Extreme Exposure Reel Seat - Enhanced reel seat...
  • "K-R" and "FINESSE" Guide Series - 6+1 corrosion...
  • High Density EVA Handles - High density EVA gives...

If you have to travel or walk a bit to your favorite fishing spot then lugging around a long rod can be a bit frustrating, particularly if you are walking through brush.

With this rod, though, it isn’t something you need to worry about though, since it can be broken down into two pieces for easy traveling. While some anglers may be concerned about using a two-piece rod, all of these will disappear when you finally start using it.

The first thing that you will notice about this rod is that it is lightweight with a medium-heavy power. You will be able to catch some small to medium sized bass without too much of an issue. The rod is also good if you like to use slightly larger lures as well.

The guides on this rod are also quite notable as they offer a friction-free experience ensuring that your line will not wear out, even over time.

Unfortunately, this is not the most durable rod around. So, if you tend to go after larger bass, you may find yourself with a broken rod. Apart from this, you will find it difficult to go wrong with this rod.

What I like
  • Good for small to medium sized bass
  • Easy to travel with
  • Good, smooth guides
What I don't like
  • Not as durable as other items down this list

Fitzgerald Vursa Spinning Rod

Fitzgerald Vursa Series Fishing Rod (Spinning)...
3 Reviews
Fitzgerald Vursa Series Fishing Rod (Spinning)...
  • Microwave Guides for longer and smoother casts
  • Proprietary Fitzgerald Fishing High Modulus Blank
  • Bulletproof Airwave Guides
  • Slim Grip Design for Extreme Comfort
  • Light Weight Spinning Rod Designed to Perform

One of the first things that you will notice about this rod is just how lightweight it is. This is because this is a rod that is built for performance and that it is exactly what it offers you. The low weight combined with the comfortable handle, also makes this rod a good choice for anyone who wants to fish for hours on end without getting tired.

This, however, isn’t all that the rod can do for you. The other standout point about this rod is its rigidity, with just the tip having some flex.

This feature has two advantages. First, it makes the rod incredibly sensitive, ensuring that the vibrations travel to your hands a lot more efficiently. This provides you with an excellent idea of just how the bait is moving in the water, giving you accurate signals for when the bass is about to strike. The other benefit of this rod is that it lets you chase largemouth bass without having to worry about how the rod will react.

While it isn’t exactly a mark against it, this rod will probably be more appreciated by expert anglers than beginners, particularly at this price point.

What I like
  • Lightweight
  • Very rigid, little flex
  • Excellent sensitivity
What I don't like
  • Not beginner friendly

JOHNCOO Baitcasting Fishing Rod

JOHNCOO 7' Carbon Baitcasting Fishing Rod M MH ML...
38 Reviews
JOHNCOO 7' Carbon Baitcasting Fishing Rod M MH ML...
  • 7'(2.1m) carbon casting fishing rod.
  • Light weight with tremendous overall strength;...
  • High density EVA gives greater sensitivity and...

If you are looking for a casting rod that offers up a decent price and performance then this rod will be a good fit for you.

One of the main advantages with this rod is that it comes along with three tips, each with its own power. This way, if you are looking to change the power off your rod, you can do so quickly, ensuring that you can catch fish of various sizes and weights. Despite this, you should probably stick to the smaller bass. There is no guarantee that this fishing rod will be able to reel in bigger bass and still remain intact.

This fishing rod is also a good choice for anyone who wants a rod that is easy to handle and that is comfortable to hold.

The rod is composed from carbon fiber which makes it incredibly lightweight and perfect for long fishing trips. The foam grip only adds to the overall comfort of the rod, making it a lot easier for you to use the rod for hours on end.

If you are looking for a rod to get started with, then this will prove to be a great beginner’s experience for you.

What I like
  • Good for novice anglers
  • Offers 3 different powers
  • Comfortable
What we don't like
  • May not be suitable for bigger bass

Pflueger P6635M2CBO Trion Fishing Rod

Pflueger P6635M2CBO Trion Fishing Rod and Spinning...
141 Reviews
Pflueger P6635M2CBO Trion Fishing Rod and Spinning...
  • Reliable fishing rod and reel combo delivers...
  • Durable yet lightweight construction with...
  • Ultra-smooth operation with 7 stainless steel ball...
  • Stainless steel and oiled felt drag system...
  • Lightweight, durable IM-6 graphite rod delivers...

If you are a beginner who wants to give bass fishing a try, you will find that this is the fishing rod for you. While the rod is affordable, it is made from graphite which means that you get to experience improved sensitivity. There is a better transference of vibrations which will alert you the second that the bass is interested in your bait.

At the same time, the rod is also quite lightweight which makes it a lot easier for novices to handle.

This bass fishing rod is more than capable of handling smallmouth and medium-sized bass. Anything larger, however, and you will find yourself at a disadvantage. The rod does offer up good quality but you will inevitably find yourself with a broken off piece, should you try to engage with more lively prey. Due to the length of the pole, you will find this a good fit for shallower waters and if you don’t want to cast very far out.

The rigidity afforded by the road also means that you will have some success fishing in heavy cover. You will not have many problems luring the bass out.

What I like
  • Great for beginners
  • Affordable
  • Graphite rod
  • Good sensitivity
  • Lightweight
What we don't like
  • Unable to handle bigger bass
  • Not as durable as the other rods on this list

Lew’s Fishing Custom Lite Speed Stick

Lews Fishing LCLMBR Custom Lite Speed Stick...
12 Reviews
Lews Fishing LCLMBR Custom Lite Speed Stick...
  • Multi-layer construction for superior durability...
  • Advanced performance technology blank
  • Top-grade 85 million modulus graphite

If you are able to look past the slightly higher price tag, you will be pleasantly surprised at what this fishing rod has to offer you.

What made this rod stand out for is its composition. It has multiple layers of graphite all through the rod. This means that you get to experience additional sensitivity while not having to sacrifice strength or durability. This is a feature that comes in especially handy when you are trying to take on a slightly larger, more aggressive bass.

The titanium guides are also quite useful in this regard. They have been designed quite well which means that you don’t have to worry about line friction or the line snapping when you are trying to get the bass under control.

I also appreciate that this a fishing rod that you can use during any weather conditions. The split grip handle ensures that you will be able to grasp it well, regardless of how slippery it may seem.

All in all, this is a fishing rod that is superbly designed which, in turn, allows you to enjoy the sensitivity, action, and durability that it has to offer.

What I like
  • Great sensitivity
  • Durable
  • Titanium guides
  • Split grip handle
What we don't like
  • A bit pricey compared to other bass fishing rods

Isafish Spinning Rod

ISAFISH Spinning Rod IM7 Carbon Fiber High Density...
7 Reviews
ISAFISH Spinning Rod IM7 Carbon Fiber High Density...
  • High Density Carbon Fiber Blank: The two section...
  • Solid Aluminum Reel Seat: Enhanced reel seat,...
  • Corrosion Resistant Line Guides: Smooth stainless...
  • Comfortable EVA Handle: The grip handle is made of...
  • Medium Action Spinning Rod: Moderate action suits...

This spinning rod is made from carbon fiber which has a similar base to graphite but does offer up a few other advantages such as a low weight and increased durability.

The good news is that this medium action rod is actually quite sensitive, alerting you to bass nibbling on your bait. At the same time, it is also stronger and less likely to break should you try to wrangle in a medium-sized bass that is quite fierce.

This is also a good rod for those who are only just starting out with bass fishing as it makes the casting process a great deal easier.

It should be noted that this is a rod that is meant for lighter lines and lures so you should avoid going after larger bass.

While the rod is quite durable, its design ensures that there is a limit to how much it can handle. There is no denying that this fishing rod isn’t made from the highest quality materials. At this price point, it is hardly surprising. However, you can make do with what it has. For instance, while the guides are made from stainless steel, there are quite smooth and well-designed which will help to cut down on friction, at least a bit.

What I like
  • Affordable
  • Sensitive
  • Durable
  • Good for beginners
What we don't like
  • Poor quality materials compared to the others on this list

What Is The Best Bass Fishing Rod?

In this race for the best bass fishing rod, I would have to claim the St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod as the clear winner.

It is equally suitable for both beginners and experts alike, ensuring that you will be in total control every time you go out fishing.

This rod has enough of action and power to ensure that you will be able to reel in large, thrashing bass, working to tire them out before they get to you. At the same time, it offers up comfort, in the form of an all-weather, easy to hold handle.

This concludes the search for the best bass fishing rod.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best baitcasting rod for bass?

The best best baitcasting rod for bass is the JOHNCOO Baitcasting Fishing Rod. This fishing rod is also a good choice for anyone who wants a rod that is easy to handle and that is comfortable to hold.

What is the best size rod for bass fishing?

A good choice would be a 7 1/2-foot rod because it is a little easier to pitch the baits. The shorter bass fishing rods are usually between 6 and 7 feet long. The longer rods are about 7 to 9 feet long.

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